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Published Books

Published Books by Wilbur D. Jones, Jr.

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Terrorfliegers: How WWII American Airmen Survived German Captivity and POW Trauma, collaboration with Al Cooke

The Day I Lost President Ford: Memoir of a Born-and-Bred Carolina Tar Heel

She ‘Shot’ Her Way to Success: How China’s Empress Dowager Ci Xi Launched a Photographer’s Trailblazing Career

Football! Navy! War!: How Military “Lend-Lease” Players Saved the College Game and Helped Win World War II
McFarland, July 2009

The Journey Continues : The World War II Home Front
White Mane, 2005

A Sentimental Journey : Memoirs of a Wartime Boomtown,
White Mane, 2003

Forget That You Have Been Hitler Soldiers: A Youth’s Service to the Reich,
with Hermann O. Pfrengle,
White Mane, 2002

Hawaii Goes to War: The Aftermath of Pearl Harbor,
with Carroll Robbins Jones,
White Mane, 2001

Condemned to Live: A Panzer Artilleryman’s Five-Front War,
with Franz A. P. Frisch,
White Mane, 2000

Arming the Eagle: A History of U. S. Weapons Acquisition Since 1775
Department of Defense, and Government Printing Office,1999

Gyrene: The World War II United States Marine
White Mane, 1998

Giants in the Cornfield: The 27th Indiana Infantry
White Mane, 1997


From Packard to Perry: A Quarter Century of Service to the Defense Acquisition Community
Department of Defense, 1996

Congressional Involvement and Relations: A Guide for Department of Defense Acquisition Managers,
Four Editions, Department of Defense, 1986-1996

Glossary: Defense Acquisition Acronyms and Terms,
Two Editions, Department of Defense, 1987-1990