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Jones Featured in NY Times


Wilbur D. Jones, Jr. was recently featured in a New  York Times article titled The Battles of Wilmington, N.C. — in World War II, That Is. 



This city has its share of museums and tourist attractions, including the Museum of the Bizarre (featuring a unicorn horn and a Sasquatch footprint); the Cape Fear Serpentarium (“Snakes! Exotic! Alive!”); and the popular Ghost Walk of Old Wilmington (“hear tales of ghostly occurrences”).

But there is little recognition of the big role this southern port city played during World War II.

Wilbur D. Jones wants to change that.

For the past 16 years, Mr. Jones, who was born here, has led an effort to recognize the contributions of Wilmington, N.C., to the war effort and to make the city and adjacent seaside towns a sprawling “museum of the home front” by linking existing institutions and historical sites along a trail.

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