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Dram Tree Books Publishes Entertaining, Informative Memoir

Contact: Jack Fryar

P.O. Box 7183, Wilmington, NC 28406 910-538-4076

History publisher Dram Tree Books announces the release of The Day I Lost President Ford: Memoir of a Born-and-Bred Carolina Tar Heel, an entertaining and informative work-life story by retired Navy Captain Wilbur D. Jones, Jr., a nationally known award- winning author and military historian in Wilmington, N. C.

The native North Carolinian Jones grew up in World War II Wilmington and graduated from UNC. His lifelong devotion to country, military, and history incubated rewarding careers in the Navy and federal service, preserving history, and community action successes.

“We are pleased to tell the fascinating story of Jones’s experiences, accomplishments, and careers,” publisher Jack Fryar stated. “His peppy, congenial writing style makes this a combined fun read and page turner.”

“It’s not like reading a book,” a dear friend told Jones. “It’s like sitting down and having a conversation with you.” Let’s just make this an enjoyable book, Jones says.

Lively, diverse, multi-dimensional working-life’s journey

Jones imparts vision, passion, a work ethic – and his credo, “Never give up!” using character vignettes, storytelling, and lesser-known facts, such as inside the 1972 and 1976 presidential campaigns. Fairytale Mediterranean romance. Supporting family as a political staffer from  the LA precincts to White House. World business travel. For 87 years, his forte is organizing and leading projects and people – reaching “mountaintops” – and achieving positive results.

Assistant and advance representative to Ford. New Hampshire director of President Nixon’s re-election. Chief of staff for two California congressmen. UNC varsity soccer and lacrosse player. Little League and professional umpire and basketball referee. Author of 19 books, hundreds of newspaper articles. Photographer, prolific public speaker and media source.

Extensive global WWII battlefield tour leader. Devoted WWII history preservation leader. UNC Wilmington’s Distinguished Citizen for 2021….And, 7-1/2 years in Pentagon “purgatory service.”

Ah, the Pentagon regimen: “How to postpone a decision until the next meeting. Around a table with ten or twelve senior officers, mostly admirals and a Marine Corps general. I was ‘self-restrained’ from considering dominating the meeting.”

Jones recognizes his failures and foibles, often jesting at himself. Soccer/sweeper. “Senior year, a starter. We lost 9-0, and Maryland’s All- America left wing scored four goals on me in the first half. Coach took me   out. Poor goalie. Good luck to the team with me back  there.”

Jones avoids current issues, but, The Martha Mitchell episode turned out to be a direct link to Watergate, and, had I accepted the advance assignment, might have swept me up. But my head was on straight.” Not  me.

To Iwo Jima twice, “I’m certain I found the pillbox on Iwo’s Red Beach whose round exploded on the bridge of my father-in-law’s destroyer, the USS Leutze he commanded, two days before the landing. Severely  wounded.”

The memoir’s title framed: “Mr. President, where have you been? I asked with controlled frantic. He said, ‘All is well, Wilbur. You’re doing a good job.’ With that, lifeblood gushed to weary legs, and I regained some composure. They kept me on the payroll.”

In Wilmington in 2020, President Trump announced it as the first American World War II Heritage City, culminating a 12-1/2 year project. “Let me thank retired Navy Captain Wilbur Jones, who has championed the cause of World War II Heritage Cities,” the President said. “Thank you, Wilbur. Great job. So you are just a tough cookie.”  A tough cookie.  Yes.

Copies are available from, Amazon, and book stores. ISBN 978-0-9844900-2-8.

Personalized autographed copies, detailed information, and price are also available from; or 910-793-6393.

For author presentation, interview, or book signing, contact Tori Jones at; or 910-619-9449.