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Arming The Eagle: A History of U.S. Weapons Acquisition Since 1775

Arming the Eagle is a military history of the United States presented as a series of essays, or snapshots, of chronological periods. They tell the story of how American weapons systems were researched, developed, and produced, and the notable processes, managers, leaders, and organizations involved, and how weapons from those periods were fielded in combat or to further national interests.

Applicable attention is given to all Military Services to illustrate the time capsule being reported: the American Revolution, the naval wars and War of 1812, antebellum acquisition and the War with Mexico, the Civil War, the all-steel, all-steam New Navy, the Army’s late Nineteenth Century reorganizations and War with Spain, World War I, the period between the wars, World War II, the nuclear age and Korean War, Vietnam and acquisition reforms, the Persian Gulf War, and the late-1990s acquisition programs.

Eagle is a “wide-angled view” with utilitarian application for all interested in U.S. history: the general public, academicians and students, media, as well as professionals in government and the defense industry. Loaded with photographs, charts, tables, statistics, and other illustrations, the book is easily read from the shelf and as ready reference.

Written for the Department of Defenseand Published by:
Department of Defense Acquisition University
(formerly Defense Systems Management College)
Press and the Government Printing Office

ARMING THE EAGLE is out of print and out of the author’s stock. Contact the U.S. Government Printing Office Bookstore for copies.

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