Wilbur D. Jones Jr. reports from V-E Day ceremonies in London

Brits, Yanks mark 70th anniversary of Germany's surrender.

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V-E Day 70th Anniversary Coverage

Trip to London to cover the V-E Day (marking the Allied victory in Europe in 1945) 70th anniversary …

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Hitler's Eagles Nest, Obersalzburg, Germany. 2008
Photo Show coming to Wilmington’s Historic USO

World traveler’s photo show coming to Wilmington’s historic USO An exhibit of more than 300 phot…

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Football! Navy! War!
“Football! Navy! War!”: How Military Lend-Lease Players Saved the College Game and Helped Win World War II

Not coincidentally, football employs military terms associated with war, such as “aerial attack,…

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V-J Day
End of World War II brought uncertain future

Wilbur D. Jones Jr. recently wrote an article for the 70th Anniversary of V-J Day in the Star News. …

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