Kure Beach, N. C., July 25, 1943, at around 3 a.m., Germany attacked the United States when a surfaced submarine fired five rounds at the local Ethyl-Dow chemical plant intending its damage.

The rounds landed in the Cape Fear River near Brunswick County.


UNCW Recognizes Jones as Distinguished Citizen of the Year

Four individuals will receive the highest honor the University of North Carolina Wilmington bestows upon its graduates and supporters during Homecoming 2021. The UNCW Alumni Association’s Distinguished Alumni Awards recognize extraordinary achievement, outstanding character and exemplary service to the university and community.

UNCW named author and military historian Wilbur D. Jones, Jr., as the Distinguished Citizen of the Year for 2021. Jones, a retired Navy captain, Wilmington native and University of North Carolina graduate, was selected for his support of UNCW and community service.

They will be recognized during the university’s virtual Homecoming celebration Feb. 8-14. New this year is the Distinguished Diversity Award, which honors an individual who has made exceptional contributions in the areas of diversity, equity, access, inclusion and social justice.


Virtual Tour of the Hannah Block Historic USO

Watch as Wilbur D. Jones, Jr. takes you on a tour of the Hannah Block Historic USO in Wilmington, NC.

Dram Tree Books and Wilbur Jones announce Memoir

Dram Tree Books and Wilbur Jones announce that his memoir, tentatively titled ‘The Day I Lost President Ford: Memoir of a Born-and-Bred Carolina Tar Heel,’ is now scheduled for publication this fall after publishing delays caused by the pandemic.

PowerPoint Presentations Produced by
Wilbur D. Jones, Jr.

Available for Programs and Meetings
  • The Afrika Korps at Home in Wilmington, 1944-46
  • The U.S. Navy at the Normandy D-Day Invasion – June 6, 1944
  • The USS North Carolina at the Battle for Iwo Jima
  • “What Are We Fighting For?”: A Perspective on Wilmington Blacks on the World War II Home Front, and Saluting the Tuskegee Airmen
  • Allied Naval Forces at Operation Dragoon, August 1944
  • Free a Man to Fight!: This is Our War Too: American Women in the World War II Armed Forces
  • America in the Pacific War, 1941-45: An Overview
  • Rescue at Sea in the Middle of the North Atlantic by the RMS Queen Mary 2
  • Rosie the Riveter: American Women in World War II
  • Henry Churchill Bragaw, Soldier: An Exceptional American Life
  • Inside President Ford’s White House
  • Wilmington’s Connection to the Attack on Pearl Harbor: Hawaii and the Wilmington Home Front – Dec. 7, 1941
  • North Carolina Shipbuilding Company, a.k.a. The Wilmington Shipyard: From the SS Zebulon B. Vance, Dec. 6, 1941 – to the “Ghost Fleet”
  • Determination, Coordination, and Leadership: Wilmington’s 12-Year Project to Become the First “American World War II Heritage City”



Football! Navy! War!
“Football! Navy! War!”: How Military Lend-Lease Players Saved the College Game and Helped Win World War II

Not coincidentally, football employs military terms associated with war, such as “aerial attack,” “blitz,” “field general,” and “trench warfare.” Beyond providing essential jargon, by necessity and choice the military linked with colleges during World War II to preserve the game and keep schools from closing, and utilized football’s rugged physical, mental, and competitive conditioning to prepare men for combat, boost morale, and help win the war.

The Journey Continues
The Journey Continues: The World War II Home Front

The Journey Continues: The World War II Home Front is the natural sequel to the authorâ€s first volume on this subject, the highly acclaimed, nationally distributed book, A Sentimental Journey: Memoirs of a Wartime Boomtown, winner of the North Carolina Society of Historians 2003 Willie Parker Peace Book Award.

A Sentimental Journey
A Sentimental Journey: Memoirs of a Wartime Boomtown

A Sentimental Journey is a social history of the life and culture on the Wilmington and Southeastern North Carolina home front. The personal story of a burgeoning community, it is the first book covering a specific geographic area this extensively.

Forget That You Have Been Hitler Soldiers: A Youth’s Service to the Reich

Hermann O. Pfrengle’s remarkable, breathtaking memoir describes the unorthodox life and travails of an adolescent German boy on the war-scarred home front. As a member of the Jungvolk organization loosely associated with the Hitler Youth, he helped construct the Siegfried Line, worked in the war effort and civilian defense, and attended high school until it was bombed.

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91.3 HQR Interview on WWII Wilmington

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Jones Featured in SI

Pearl Harbor Ties to Wilmington